The foundation plays a very important role in homes. It shoulders your entire home’s weight. If your foundation is not working properly, then it means that your home’s stability is compromised. The foundation also distributes the home’s entire weight. 

The worse thing is that many homeowners tend to neglect their home’s foundation. Since the foundation is buried deep into the ground, it’s important that you check your basement or crawlspace regularly as cracks may develop in certain parts.  

If you don’t have a problem with the foundation, then you can be sure that your home’s resale value is increased. It’s true that repairing foundations is a difficult and expensive project. It’s a task that can only be done by professionals. But there are some things that you may also do. These are: 

  1. Determine what causes the problem. 

If you want to know the actual problem with your home foundation, then you have to talk with the expert. Contact a Round Rock foundation repair expert to check your home to make sure that there’s nothing wrong with it. If there’s something wrong with it, then it has to be fixed right away.  

  1. Do some digging. 

If you see any crack in your wall, then it may be caused a faulty foundation. If that’s the case, check if that part of your home is sinking. If it is, then there’s no other recourse but to dig a hole around it. Dig until you reach the damaged part. Those who have a basement may need to hire a contractor that has a backhoe to dig the entire area.  

  1. Insert the pilings. 

Concrete pilings are necessary to strengthen your home’s foundation. They are inserted at the bottom of the foundation, and you need around seven of them. Once the concrete pilings are installed, then a concrete cap has to be installed on top of it.  

  1. Lift the foundation.

To lift the foundation, the use of hydraulic jacks is necessary. Slowly lift your home’s foundation to restore it to its original location. You may also insert some concrete cylinders if you don’t have access to hydraulic jacks.  

  1. Fill the area.

After digging around the area and doing all the repairs, it’s time to fill the excavation back. However, you have to do this a few weeks after the repair. This allows you to do some adjustments if there’s a need for that. Once you know that your foundation is back to its original condition, then it should be safe to fill back the hole.  

  1. Fix all cracks 

It should be easy to install cracks if you have the necessary tools and equipment. You only need patch cement to do the job. Simply press the cement into those cracks on the wall until they’re full. You also need a trowel to smoothen the area.  

These are the things that you have to know if you have a problem with your foundation. But it’s always better to consult with a trusted foundation repair expert so you know exactly what the problem is.