Your home’s foundation is the part that supports the entire structure. It dictates the overall stability of your home. If there’s a problem in the foundation, then the safety of your family is compromised. Foundation problems are evidenced by the cracks in the walls. 

If your home is rather new, then you don’t have to worry about your home’s foundation as modern concrete home foundations are stronger than ever. However, you may have a problem if your home is half a century old. High are the chances that you still have stone foundation.  

Stone foundations are held together by mortar and they tend to wear over time. If you know for a fact that you have stone foundation installed, then you have to get it checked every so often. A Richardson foundation repair expert can help you with that. In case you have stone foundations and walls, here are some of the tips that help you in repairing them. 

  1. Check the stones. 

Like with any foundation repair work, checking the foundation is a must before starting the repairs. This means removing everything that obstructs you from viewing the foundation. If you have to, you must tear down the drywall.   

  1. Inspect for damage. 

It’s highly recommended that you have your foundation inspected for damage on a yearly basis. This is necessary to maintain your home’s structural integrity. You should also inspect the foundation walls for damage. Since you have stone foundation, closely check the mortar joints so you’ll know where the repair is needed.  

  1. Replace the stones. 

If you need to replace the stones, you have to know exactly what was used in your home’s foundation. The most common types used are rubble stones, limestone, and sandstone. Knowing the type of rock or stone used is important because the contraction and expansion rates of stones are different. You want to use the one that will match the original stones used in your foundation wall.  

  1. Fill the cracks.

If you see cracks in the foundation wall, now is the time that you repair it. Usually, hydraulic cement is used to fill the crack in the foundation wall. The cement simply has to be pushed into the crack to fill them sufficiently. Once the cracks are filled, the foundation wall is strengthened. Even the smallest cracks can pose a huge risk to your home, more so if they get wet all the time. It’s important that you get the repair done immediately if you notice any problem with cracks.  

  1. Repair the mortar joints. 

In case the mortar has deteriorated or shrunk, then it has to be repaired. Mortar chipping of 2 inches deep is a cause for concern. To do so, scrape the old mortar away and replace it accordingly. Use a trowel to do the job right.  

  1. Brace the walls 

If any of the foundation walls have bowed, you’ll need steel beams and wall anchors to support them. Installing these will keep them from moving further. A trusted foundation repair expert will help you with this task.