Foundation issues can occur quite often. Buildings are heavy when they are built on weak soil, you’ll discover problems with foundation settling. Soil settles or compresses for several reasons. Soil found on the base of your home has high levels of moisture. Another factor to consider is how the soil was replaced after the construction process. Settlement causes major structural problems. 

A building’s structural integrity relies on its foundation.  Structural engineers are experts in all soil conditions and they know the proper way of building stable foundations. Sadly, no one can do anything about the interaction of soil and weather.  Soil tends to expand and spread when heavy rains arrive. 

When homeowners start to notice cracks forming in their walls, they get alarmed These houses weren’t designed shoddily so they shouldn’t get damaged easily. The damage is seen even in affluent suburbs and brick homes. The most damage is seen on homes that are constructed upon clay soil, as it expands than any other type. 

Exterior cracks won’t appear in wood-framed homes with rigid cladding like concrete. There are telltale signs that you need to fix your home’s foundation. If you see any of the signs listed below, it means that you have to be concerned with your home’s foundation and that you might have to call the Orlando foundation repair experts to have them checked.  

  1. Do the windows stick when you open them?

When the windows stick, it might mean that one of the sides of your home has settled. If you have tried to repair the windows but it still has the same problem, then the problem may not be on the window itself but on the foundation.  

  1. Is it hard to open doors because the frame is no longer square?

The problem with your window can also be observed on your door. If it’s hard to open the door, then it may mean that the frame is no longer following a right angle. The floor could have settled and that’s an issue with the foundation. 

  1. Are there cracks seen inside the wall?

Cracks inside the wall are clear indications that there’s an issue with the structure of your home. It’s either that your home has settled, which is why you see those cracks. It may also be a problem with concrete settling. If there’s a crack in your wall, it’s best that you have them inspected by a professional.  

There could be other explanations about why such things happen. However, they are usually the signs indicating that one side of your house has its floor collapsing and that the building is not plumb or square anymore. 

The concrete foundation of your house can be fixed without tearing it all out and beginning anew. When you find that the foundation of your home has been damaged, repairs should be done immediately.  When time goes by, the damage on your foundation will continue to worsen. However, having this is the general rule that you have to keep in mind. The longer you take to fix the damage, the worse the situation will be.