Why You Shouldn’t Even Think About Dieting On Holiday

There are two types of people who go on diets, the ones who try it for a while, then quit shortly after. Then there are the people who are determined to stick to their diets through hell and back. It might seem weird, but sticking to closely to a diet can be bad for your health as well. You might get sick of the foods you eat daily while adhering to your diet. This can cause you to start rejecting the new food, and making you binge eat other unhealthier foods. Additionally, a problem can arise at holidays. Holidays are universally respected, this is a time for peace and family. The food prepared on holidays is usually prepared by tradition. Unfortunately, the food made is not the healthiest. People might try to avoid eating with their family in order to stick to their diets. This is really bad as you are skipping the entire point of holidays to lose like a fourth of a pound. This can create tension inside the family and even ruin the entire holiday for everyone. By refusing to eat the food prepared at a holiday you are scoffing at religion and degrading the values of family. You make it seem like your personal health is worth much more than your family means to you. This makes you seem self centered, selfish, and your relatives will not hold you in positive regard. I recommend that you just eat the food on the holiday. If you do not have to work on holidays, why should you still be following your diet on holidays. Give your diet a break as well, leave time for your family. Food prepared for holidays is usually delicious, let yourself cheat a little and eat and bond with your family members. Family is more important than almost anything. Check out MOVOMOVO.COM for more information.