How To Have The Best Vacation Of Your Life: 10 Tips

Finally, it is time that you start to plan for the best vacation that you have been waiting for all your life. Read more on dreamguides on how you can make the vacation the best.

What do you want to do?

My idea of vacation could be to just laze around. Your idea of a vacation could be to go bungee jumping. So ask yourself what you want to do and plan the vacation accordingly.


It is important to be planned. You may not be able to plan to the last bit but the more you are planned on your vacation the more stress-free you are.


Do most of your booking in advance. This includes the flight and the hotel stays as well as any tours that you would wish to go. Booking in advance does not let you make last minute hassle purchases and also saves you lots of money.


Meet the locals. This is a great way to know the place.

Research well

Read up on the place that you are going to visit. You may come across many things that you were not even aware of that existed in the place.

Don’t rush

Your vacation is not a job. Do not rush. Go slow. If you want to stop somewhere then stop. If you want to skip something then go ahead and skip it. It is your vacation and thus you should be the only one planning what is important and what is not.

Be present

Today going on vacation has only become about posting pictures on social media sites. Do not do that. Be present and enjoy the place to the fullest.


When you walk you see many things that you would have generally missed out on in a car.

Avoid rush hours

Rush hours are absolutely not recommended. Also, do not go during the season times. Prefer to go during the shoulder months.

It is your vacation

Do what you want without fearing about getting judged.…