Animals of Southern Africa: Top 5 Amazing Wildlife Experiences

Has the adventure bug bitten you yet?

Not everyone is cut out for adventure travel but those that have the best time of their lives traveling on animal trails! I couldn’t believe myself when I signed up for one such adventure with my boyfriend who was an animal enthusiast with thousands of experiences on his belt.

I thought that maybe it was a one-off thing for me, something that I could write about on my Facebook and not think about it anymore! But what the experience did to me has put me out of my senses. It has got me addicted to more such adventures and in the last five years, I have been to the best animal experiences that Africa has to offer the world. Here is my shortlist!

  1. Wildebeest migration across the Mara river:

You have to see the sight to believe it. There are millions of wildebeest crossing the river Mara all trying to brave the choppy waters and the hundred thousand Nile crocodiles that infest the river. Still, every year the brave army crosses the stream to be able to end up on the other bank a while returning back in January again.

  1. The zebra migration:

Imagine black and white stripes in a deep green patch! Amazing sight eh?

This one we did on a helicopter a few meters above the animals. The sight is so fresh in my mind that it is picture framed for life. The zebras migrate from the Botswana semi-arid desert in search of greener pastures. The migration is hard and long but not to deter these determined cuties.

  1. Turtle hatching:

If you are on the east coast of Africa, you can get lucky to see thousands of leatherback, green turtles and the Indian Ocean turtles hatching and making their way into the sea. It is a sight to behold really!

  1. A rendezvous with the Whale Sharks?

It is not so dangerous like it sounds. They are gentle animals and they come up to the surface to eat plankton off the coast of Tasmania. Diving in waters can mean a lot of fun and adventure.

  1. Finally, the gorilla trek!

Think Congo and you cannot help thinking about the great apes. They are such loveable animals that you will want to come to visit them again soon.

Planning for the trip and adventures galore is important and so are the gears that you will need to sport to enjoy your stay as much as learn from them. My best bet is Todayscacher. Check them out for sure before you embark on your own!