How To Have The Best Vacation Of Your Life: 10 Tips

Finally, it is time that you start to plan for the best vacation that you have been waiting for all your life. Read more on dreamguides on how you can make the vacation the best.

What do you want to do?

My idea of vacation could be to just laze around. Your idea of a vacation could be to go bungee jumping. So ask yourself what you want to do and plan the vacation accordingly.


It is important to be planned. You may not be able to plan to the last bit but the more you are planned on your vacation the more stress-free you are.


Do most of your booking in advance. This includes the flight and the hotel stays as well as any tours that you would wish to go. Booking in advance does not let you make last minute hassle purchases and also saves you lots of money.


Meet the locals. This is a great way to know the place.

Research well

Read up on the place that you are going to visit. You may come across many things that you were not even aware of that existed in the place.

Don’t rush

Your vacation is not a job. Do not rush. Go slow. If you want to stop somewhere then stop. If you want to skip something then go ahead and skip it. It is your vacation and thus you should be the only one planning what is important and what is not.

Be present

Today going on vacation has only become about posting pictures on social media sites. Do not do that. Be present and enjoy the place to the fullest.


When you walk you see many things that you would have generally missed out on in a car.

Avoid rush hours

Rush hours are absolutely not recommended. Also, do not go during the season times. Prefer to go during the shoulder months.

It is your vacation

Do what you want without fearing about getting judged.…

The Top Secrets to Surviving a Long Car Journey With Children

Many people avoid traveling until their kids reach an age of at least five years. While some people go through all the trouble of traveling with their kids only to come back home complaining about how tiring the trip was with the kids. However, some people find it quite easy to manage a road trip with children. Now that is something interesting and worth paying a bit more attention – How to survive a road trip in your car with kids in it? Continue reading to know how.

  1. Share Knowledge – No, do not carry your child’s schoolbooks with you. Rather, enrich your child about the place where you are going to visit to keep him/her guessing and excited throughout the trip.
  2. Play Games – Always remember to look up a couple of games that can be easily played while on the move. For example, “I Spy”, word building, charades, sing a song, etc. are all equally engaging.
  3. Pack Food – One of the most important tips to survive a long car journey is to carry a lot of kid-friendly food to keep them engaged and occupied on the go. Moreover, carry enough water and juices to ensure they are always hydrated. Always remember that a child deprived of food can get cranky real soon and is most likely to eat your brains raw.
  4. Go Digital – With technology by your side, it is quite possible to manage children in closed confines. You can rely on your DVD player to play some good interesting music or play a movie so that the whole family can watch. Nowadays, people also resort to their iPod, smartphones, and other electrical gadgets to keep one occupied. However, make sure that they do not spend the entire time glued to these devices.

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Top 10 Trips You Need to Take As Soon As You Retire

If you have worked all your life and you officially want to retire you must have planned a holiday trip. So, here are Top 10 Trips You Need to Take As Soon As You Retire to help you decide a great holiday.

  1. Lötschental Valley, Switzerland

You will find people around in fur coats and wooden masks tossing soot at onlookers which is a custom in Tschaggatta, the largest valley in Rhône valley by the pristine Bernese Alps and river Lonza.

  1. Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

Laya Hermosa, North Puntarenas is known for surfing with great waves near central Pacific area of Costa Rica.

  1. Amazon, Brazil

Dense rainforests, towering trees not allowing sunlight, meeting of waters distinguishing 2 colors, and many tourist guides and tour programs to help out, it makes one of the greatest retirement trips.

  1. Bunkers Del Carmel, Spain

Bunkers del Carmel are ancient underground military bunkers overveiwing Barcelona to get the panoramic views of the city. See old monuments and famous landmarks from this one point.

  1. Butte Bergeyre, France

This tranquil stroll uphill the last village in Paris is nostalgic even though it is about five minutes.

  1. Rame Peninsula, England

Popular as “Cornwall’s Forgotten Corner,” offers picturesque landscape with lush farms & country parks, tidal creeks and sandy beaches especially Millbrook and old marine village.

  1. Bogliasco, Italy

This ancient village that had around 5000 inhabitants is an ancient fishing place during Roman era. Get relaxing fresh air on the coast of Genoa and Bogliasco overlooking the amazing sea by a Church.

  1. Undredal, Norway

Goats brown cheese Undredalsosten is common here as the village with close knit houses have goats nearly 5 times the inhabitants.

  1. Poas Volcano National Park, Costa Rica

This site has most amazing view points with hiking trails, wildlife, forests, and lakes that seeps in and evaporates. The volcano is still active after a  massive eruption in 1910.

  1. Praia de Benagil, Portugal

This beach in picturesque Benagil village between Carvoeiro and Armacao de Pera is popular for a cave known as ‘eye’ that offers great views of blue sky.

Take a Luxury cruise to your dream destination at least once when you retire as sells dreams that come true.

Plan the Ultimate Romantic Getaway with These 5 Tips

At LockTheCock not only can you come across dream destinations but also several tips on enjoying your vacation. Here are five tips for a romantic getaway.

  1. Be happy: The best-laid plans can go haywire and your romantic vacation is no exception. Have it in you to laugh over misplaced baggage, uncomfortable rooms, and costly mistakes. Don’t let anything spoil your vacation, after all, mistakes are bound to happen. Be ready to forgive and move on.
  2. Give each other space: A romantic getaway is about getting to know each other but that doesn’t mean you will resent your man his video games and sports channel. Let him be and he will love you more for that. Similarly, guys let the girls go on their shopping sprees without complaining. Basically, don’t give up your “me time” for a healthy and happy relationship.
  3. Keep your tummies happy: On a lazy vacation sightseeing might take longer than anticipated or the restaurant might turn out to be awful. Instead of sulking and spoiling your mood carry some favorite snacks that will keep you physically and mentally happy.
  4. Intimacy with a twist: For many, a romantic getaway may be the first time together. So, take it slow and build up the desire gradually. Enjoy a day in bed just the two of you doing what you like the most. But most importantly be patient with each other if it is the first time.
  5. Be neat: It is important that you create a good impression and hence always keep your stuff in their proper place. Moreover, a neat place will keep the mind calm and happy instead of feeling irritated and frustrated with the clutter around.

Your romantic getaway is a tiny peek into your future as both of you become aware of each other’s habits and attitudes. Use it wisely if you really care for each other.