How to Have a Great Beach Holiday: 10 Steps

You love to hang out at exciting beaches but this can also be your worst expereince if you do not plan properly or pack right, etc. This could be a short beach visit like an evening or a long visit that lasts a month. These are10 tips on how to have a great beach holiday on your vacation!

  1. Select Beach Destinaton

Do a lot of research to find your ‘type’ of beach in your destination. There are crowds like crazy and there are quiet beaches that let you listen to ocean waves where you can simply relax.

  1. Read the Rules on Prohibited Beach – Side Activities

There are some holiday resorts and beaches or travel holiday deals that only allow certain activities on the beach. Also, there are different types of beach rules that allow for grilling /cookout, watersports etc.

  1. Check on Safety

You like thrill and adventure when you head to a beach but think about your safety. Select a beach that at least has one well trained lifeguard so there is some safety support.

  1. Plan Beach Time: Take a comfy towel /cushion with an easy foldable and portable recliner seat or chair, favorite book, snacks, etc.

  1. Companion: Taking a friend along can be more fun at times.

  1. Sun Tan: Keep away from sun even if you want a tan. Stay in shade.

  1. Protection: Carry a higher SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, bug repellent, swimming cap, swimsuit, eye protection and skin protection.

  1. Footwear: Don’t wear any footwear! It could cause havoc for your entire holiday. Barefoot may hurt your feet. So wear proper beach footwear soft and protective shoes.

  1. Keep Valuables Safe

If you take your credit/ debit cards, expensive jewellery like platinum, diamond, etc. make sure to keep them at hotel or take a wearable beach dry bag.

  1. Beach Gear

Going to beach without watersports, surfing, sailing, floating, snorkelling and swimming is no excitement. So check out panoramic view of marine world in proper snorkelling wear [4-Piece Set] Snorkel Set – Snorkeling Gear – Snorkel Mask Full Face – Snorkeling Set Adult Kids & Youth + Extra Diving Fins Dry Bag & Anti Fog Spray – Gopro & Scuba Dive Gear – Easy Go Pro Head Mount for best experience underwater.

Top 10 Brilliant Travel Accessories Every Traveler Must Have in 2018

Many of these items are just plain fun, many others are more convenient than just fun, others are almost a necessity in these days, others are great when integrated with technology. Travel gadgets are great tools that are now found essentially everywhere from local convenience stores to your big retail spots.

Here we have compiled a great list of brilliant travel accessories that every traveler must have in 2018 in order to travel well.

Pocket Sized Washing Machine

If you are going through the jungles of Southeast Asia, or going through the streets of Vienna, or going on a trip through Southern America. You will certainly need to wash your clothes occasionally, a pocket-sized washing machine is a great idea for this, it’s lightweight and portable, it’s equipped with a flexible washboard that can help you do your laundry anywhere in the world with water and washing fluid. You can have your clothes washed and ready to dry in less than 10 minutes most of the time.

Small Travel Sized Steam Iron

This steam iron has a 400+ watt motor with several heating levels, this model of steam iron is an incredibly small ironing platform that is one of the smallest in the market available now. It’s about the size of your fist and is great for travelers who are constantly travelling and need to get their clothes in working order quickly.

Travel Tripod

If you want to take good images with a camera it’s good to have a travel tripod with you, travel tripods can be a great addition to any suitcase and enable you to make great images all day and every day.

Here are some reviews of the best travel tripod available in the market today.…

Why You Shouldn’t Even Think About Dieting On Holiday

There are two types of people who go on diets, the ones who try it for a while, then quit shortly after. Then there are the people who are determined to stick to their diets through hell and back. It might seem weird, but sticking to closely to a diet can be bad for your health as well. You might get sick of the foods you eat daily while adhering to your diet. This can cause you to start rejecting the new food, and making you binge eat other unhealthier foods. Additionally, a problem can arise at holidays. Holidays are universally respected, this is a time for peace and family. The food prepared on holidays is usually prepared by tradition. Unfortunately, the food made is not the healthiest. People might try to avoid eating with their family in order to stick to their diets. This is really bad as you are skipping the entire point of holidays to lose like a fourth of a pound. This can create tension inside the family and even ruin the entire holiday for everyone. By refusing to eat the food prepared at a holiday you are scoffing at religion and degrading the values of family. You make it seem like your personal health is worth much more than your family means to you. This makes you seem self centered, selfish, and your relatives will not hold you in positive regard. I recommend that you just eat the food on the holiday. If you do not have to work on holidays, why should you still be following your diet on holidays. Give your diet a break as well, leave time for your family. Food prepared for holidays is usually delicious, let yourself cheat a little and eat and bond with your family members. Family is more important than almost anything. Check out MOVOMOVO.COM for more information.…