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Should You Replace Your Windows Now?

There are many reasons why you should replace your windows. Rotting frames, drafts, and aesthetics are just three of the reasons why you must. But for most people, improving their home’s energy efficiency rating is the best reason to install new windows. 

If you feel too chilly when you’re at home, it may not be entirely because of the weather. It might be that your windows are no longer doing their job. If you feel draft too often, then consider installing replacement windows. Doing so won’t just allow you cozier colder months, but also a lot of benefits all throughout the year.  

If your window causes draft, then your HVAC system is working extra hard to keep your temperature indoors comfortable. By simply replacing these windows, you’re going to save a lot on your monthly bills because you’re making your home more energyefficient.  

How to Find Energy Efficient Replacement Windows  

It’s fairly easy to find energyefficient windows these days. Simply look for the Energy Star seal, and you’re all set. Technology has changed the way we do things, and such positive change has extended into home windows as well.  

Energy Star certified windows are known to lower down energy bills for up to 15%. That means you’re going to enjoy a savings of up to $500 annually. That’s a lot of money that can be used for something else.  

Energyefficient windows come in several glass panes. These are the newer windows that are intended to replace the single-pane ones. If you choose to install double-paned windows, then your home enjoys better insulation. There are triple-pane windows available these days too, for maximum efficiency.  

How to Choose Window Frames 

Aside from the window itself, you should also consider choosing the right window frames. Wood has always been the best choice when it comes to window frames because it looks goods and insulates well. Aluminum frames are also nice but wood is several thousand times better.  

Aside from wood, fiberglass is also a good choice for the window frames. It insulates just as good but it is a lot cheaper than wood. Also, fiberglass doesn’t contract and expand like wood. Another good choice is vinyl since they are constructed with multi chambers to resist heat and cold.  

Other Benefits of Replacing Windows  

On top of energy efficiency, there are a few other things that you can enjoy if you decide to replace your windows today. Some of these desirable features include easier maintenance, better privacy, improved light control, and nicer appeal.  

A lot of homeowners are replacing their windows to improve their home’s curb appeal and add more to its resale value. If you want to know more about how new windows can improve your property overall, it is strongly suggested that you consult with a Round Rock windows replacement expert.  

Ask all your questions from them and if you’re convinced that you do need new windows, then proceed to request a quote. Find out how much a new window cost and what you’re going to get out of it.  


Tips for Fixing Home Foundation

The foundation plays a very important role in homes. It shoulders your entire home’s weight. If your foundation is not working properly, then it means that your home’s stability is compromised. The foundation also distributes the home’s entire weight. 

The worse thing is that many homeowners tend to neglect their home’s foundation. Since the foundation is buried deep into the ground, it’s important that you check your basement or crawlspace regularly as cracks may develop in certain parts.  

If you don’t have a problem with the foundation, then you can be sure that your home’s resale value is increased. It’s true that repairing foundations is a difficult and expensive project. It’s a task that can only be done by professionals. But there are some things that you may also do. These are: 

  1. Determine what causes the problem. 

If you want to know the actual problem with your home foundation, then you have to talk with the expert. Contact a Round Rock foundation repair expert to check your home to make sure that there’s nothing wrong with it. If there’s something wrong with it, then it has to be fixed right away.  

  1. Do some digging. 

If you see any crack in your wall, then it may be caused a faulty foundation. If that’s the case, check if that part of your home is sinking. If it is, then there’s no other recourse but to dig a hole around it. Dig until you reach the damaged part. Those who have a basement may need to hire a contractor that has a backhoe to dig the entire area.  

  1. Insert the pilings. 

Concrete pilings are necessary to strengthen your home’s foundation. They are inserted at the bottom of the foundation, and you need around seven of them. Once the concrete pilings are installed, then a concrete cap has to be installed on top of it.  

  1. Lift the foundation.

To lift the foundation, the use of hydraulic jacks is necessary. Slowly lift your home’s foundation to restore it to its original location. You may also insert some concrete cylinders if you don’t have access to hydraulic jacks.  

  1. Fill the area.

After digging around the area and doing all the repairs, it’s time to fill the excavation back. However, you have to do this a few weeks after the repair. This allows you to do some adjustments if there’s a need for that. Once you know that your foundation is back to its original condition, then it should be safe to fill back the hole.  

  1. Fix all cracks 

It should be easy to install cracks if you have the necessary tools and equipment. You only need patch cement to do the job. Simply press the cement into those cracks on the wall until they’re full. You also need a trowel to smoothen the area.  

These are the things that you have to know if you have a problem with your foundation. But it’s always better to consult with a trusted foundation repair expert so you know exactly what the problem is.  



How to Repair Foundation Walls

Your home’s foundation is the part that supports the entire structure. It dictates the overall stability of your home. If there’s a problem in the foundation, then the safety of your family is compromised. Foundation problems are evidenced by the cracks in the walls. 

If your home is rather new, then you don’t have to worry about your home’s foundation as modern concrete home foundations are stronger than ever. However, you may have a problem if your home is half a century old. High are the chances that you still have stone foundation.  

Stone foundations are held together by mortar and they tend to wear over time. If you know for a fact that you have stone foundation installed, then you have to get it checked every so often. A Richardson foundation repair expert can help you with that. In case you have stone foundations and walls, here are some of the tips that help you in repairing them. 

  1. Check the stones. 

Like with any foundation repair work, checking the foundation is a must before starting the repairs. This means removing everything that obstructs you from viewing the foundation. If you have to, you must tear down the drywall.   

  1. Inspect for damage. 

It’s highly recommended that you have your foundation inspected for damage on a yearly basis. This is necessary to maintain your home’s structural integrity. You should also inspect the foundation walls for damage. Since you have stone foundation, closely check the mortar joints so you’ll know where the repair is needed.  

  1. Replace the stones. 

If you need to replace the stones, you have to know exactly what was used in your home’s foundation. The most common types used are rubble stones, limestone, and sandstone. Knowing the type of rock or stone used is important because the contraction and expansion rates of stones are different. You want to use the one that will match the original stones used in your foundation wall.  

  1. Fill the cracks.

If you see cracks in the foundation wall, now is the time that you repair it. Usually, hydraulic cement is used to fill the crack in the foundation wall. The cement simply has to be pushed into the crack to fill them sufficiently. Once the cracks are filled, the foundation wall is strengthened. Even the smallest cracks can pose a huge risk to your home, more so if they get wet all the time. It’s important that you get the repair done immediately if you notice any problem with cracks.  

  1. Repair the mortar joints. 

In case the mortar has deteriorated or shrunk, then it has to be repaired. Mortar chipping of 2 inches deep is a cause for concern. To do so, scrape the old mortar away and replace it accordingly. Use a trowel to do the job right.  

  1. Brace the walls 

If any of the foundation walls have bowed, you’ll need steel beams and wall anchors to support them. Installing these will keep them from moving further. A trusted foundation repair expert will help you with this task.  

How to Strengthen Your Home’s Foundation

Being assured that your home can withstand even the strongest known earthquake is a comforting thought. However, a foundation that is as strong as that needs to be maintained regularly. Needless to say, a home with a foundation built twenty years ago is not as stable as it had once been. Even so, all you really need is maintenance and upgrades. A good foundation will make your home earthquake-proof.  

If you want to know if your home is strong enough to withstand a strong earthquake, you better have your foundation checked. Consult with a Plano foundation repair expert to know what to do in case your foundation is not as stable as you want it to be. Here are some of the things that they would do. 

  1. Identify weak points 

When it comes to earthquakes, it is the foundation of your home that would sustain most of the stress. While the damage may not be seen from the above, you never know what damage happens underneath. Older homes aren’t built to sustain earthquakes and that’s a fact. If your home if built a long time ago, then you have to hire a structural engineer to identify its weak points.  

  1. Have the foundation inspected 

Foundations should be secured into the sill plate underneath your home. Foundation repair experts can inspect this by going down the basement or crawlspace to check whether the steel anchors are attached to the wall. Without anchor plates, your house is at the risk of crumbling when a strong earthquake hit. With the help of experts, it should be fast and easy to install anchor plates to your home’s foundation.  

  1. Anchoring the foundation 

The anchor plates are connected to your home’s foundation through nuts, bolts, and epoxy. Foundation repair experts use electric drills to anchor the plates fast and easy. The use of round washers is discouraged. You want stronger and tougher ones for your home’s foundation. It should also be spaced six feet apart or closer, depending on what’s the local building code mandates.  

  1. Brace cripple walls

Cripple walls are special house features that carry the weight of the structure over the foundation. These walls have to be braced well to withstand the earthquake. Otherwise, the house will sway during an earthquake, with the possibility of collapsing.  

  1. Tying the slab foundations

If your home is built on top of concrete slabs, then you have to tie the sill plate to it via the metal straps or volts. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove a part of the drywall to check if the slab is correctly attached to the plates.  

  1. Installing post and pier foundations

Post and pier foundations are held by wood posts or concrete blocks. If your home is not duly supported, then you have to brace it with the use of post and pier foundations. This process may require pouring concrete, which is why it’s one of the most expensive ways to reinforce your home. Even so, its one of the best ways to repair home foundations.  


How Do You Know if You Need Foundation Repair?

Foundation issues can occur quite often. Buildings are heavy when they are built on weak soil, you’ll discover problems with foundation settling. Soil settles or compresses for several reasons. Soil found on the base of your home has high levels of moisture. Another factor to consider is how the soil was replaced after the construction process. Settlement causes major structural problems. 

A building’s structural integrity relies on its foundation.  Structural engineers are experts in all soil conditions and they know the proper way of building stable foundations. Sadly, no one can do anything about the interaction of soil and weather.  Soil tends to expand and spread when heavy rains arrive. 

When homeowners start to notice cracks forming in their walls, they get alarmed These houses weren’t designed shoddily so they shouldn’t get damaged easily. The damage is seen even in affluent suburbs and brick homes. The most damage is seen on homes that are constructed upon clay soil, as it expands than any other type. 

Exterior cracks won’t appear in wood-framed homes with rigid cladding like concrete. There are telltale signs that you need to fix your home’s foundation. If you see any of the signs listed below, it means that you have to be concerned with your home’s foundation and that you might have to call the Orlando foundation repair experts to have them checked.  

  1. Do the windows stick when you open them?

When the windows stick, it might mean that one of the sides of your home has settled. If you have tried to repair the windows but it still has the same problem, then the problem may not be on the window itself but on the foundation.  

  1. Is it hard to open doors because the frame is no longer square?

The problem with your window can also be observed on your door. If it’s hard to open the door, then it may mean that the frame is no longer following a right angle. The floor could have settled and that’s an issue with the foundation. 

  1. Are there cracks seen inside the wall?

Cracks inside the wall are clear indications that there’s an issue with the structure of your home. It’s either that your home has settled, which is why you see those cracks. It may also be a problem with concrete settling. If there’s a crack in your wall, it’s best that you have them inspected by a professional.  

There could be other explanations about why such things happen. However, they are usually the signs indicating that one side of your house has its floor collapsing and that the building is not plumb or square anymore. 

The concrete foundation of your house can be fixed without tearing it all out and beginning anew. When you find that the foundation of your home has been damaged, repairs should be done immediately.  When time goes by, the damage on your foundation will continue to worsen. However, having this is the general rule that you have to keep in mind. The longer you take to fix the damage, the worse the situation will be.